GlycoCheck Pricing

GlycoCheck System Information

GlycoCheck is offered at two system levels to accommodate academic university and hospital researchers and individual healthcare practitioners.

As part of our continued investment and innovation in the GlycoCheck system, there are significant new developments underway:

  1. The new patented GlycoCheck 5.2 software is complete, has been fully tested and used in some new peer-reviewed published papers. The new software offers a significant upgrade to the MicroVascular Health Score™. The software adds new algorithms to measure red cell velocity in the smallest capillaries, determines the flow dependency of capillary density and glycocalyx properties, and calculates an overall Microvascular Health Score based on 100 million measurements of red cell column width in 100,000 vessels segments. We’ve also introduced two completely new reports along with easy-to-understand graphs and gauges. The 5.2 version software is available for upgrade purchase by previous GlycoCheck owners (please contact us for information).
  2. GlycoCheck 5.2 software is being upgraded to offer a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) model. This will allow academic research hospitals to be able to purchase the system with lower initial acquisition and hardware costs and move the ongoing expenses from the capital expenditure budget to the operating budget. In addition, for healthcare practitioners the introduction of the new cloud-based system and the SaaS option allows a price-per-test based model. The major advantage of moving to multi-core cloud servers is that it reduces the time to calculate the 100 million calculations of the video analysis and generates the final reports in just a few minutes.
  3. The next generation video microscope camera is in the final stages of development. The new camera, named CapiVision™, takes advantage of all the latest upgrades in imaging quality and cost reductions in components and our ability to move to volume production. The imaging acquisition process is part of a new patent-pending camera which will incorporate autofocus and will be able to capture images of microvessels from a much larger field of view, which will bring down the time for acquisition to less than 10% of current acquisition times. We estimate that the time to acquire microvascular images from 24 different tissue sites by the new GlycoCheck 5.2 software will be reduced to 3-5 minutes, a reduction of 20-30 minutes.

Both the SaaS cloud model and next generation video microscope camera are scheduled for completion and release in January 2022.

New Report

The new reports in GlycoCheck 5.2 includes a Summary Report and an Extended Report displaying details. Click here to read the Summary Report and click here to read the Extended Report.

Reservations Now Accepted

Due to worldwide shortages of chips that are required for both the new GlycoCheck computer system and the video microscope camera, we have reserved an initial supply of chips and components for the launch. Due to these shortages, we are taking reservations. We will fulfill orders on those who reserve systems on a first-ordered and first paid basis.

Options And Prices

HealthCare Practitioner OptionAcademic Research Hospital Option
New for healthcare practitioner offices.Only available for
academic research
Software Version5.2 (Cloud-based SaaS)5.2 (Cloud-based SaaS or System Installed)
GlycoAnalysis SoftwareN/AGlycoAnalysis (called Local View Application)
gives access to all raw
videos and detailed
data per vessel
Computer SystemMedical grade, large screen, all-in-one. Or
medical grade tablet.
Custom high-powered
multi-core, multi-drive
laptop or Medical
grade, large screen, all- in-one. Or medical
grade tablet if SaaS
model is selected.
High-Definition Auto-Focus Video Microscope CameraCapiVision™CapiVision™
Video Data
Calculations and
Report Generation
Detailed data per
diameter class and 2
levels of reports
Access to all raw videos and detailed data per vessel segment.
User’s Manual and
Demonstration Video
24/7 Tech SupportIncludedIncluded
Online Training and Certified Technician
Practitioner CME Training on Glycocalyx and Microvascular ScienceBasic Included at No Cost. Advanced Training Available.Basic Included at No
Cost. Advanced Training Available.
Research Training and
Data Analysis
Not availableAvailable on a Case-by- Case Basis
3-Year WarrantyIncludedIncluded
Single-Use Disposable
Lens Covers
More information to comeMore information to
System Cost (US
Per Test Cost$75.00 per testUnlimited testing.
Cloud data storage fee per test will apply.
Annual license fee of

If you wish to be added to our waiting list for the new GlycoCheck system, please click here.

Click Here To Download the GlycoCheck User Manual.