GlycoCheck™ is a pioneering all-in-one video microscope and software solution for research departments in universities and hospitals. It’s a unique asset in your research department for automated video analysis of the microvascular system. This new technology reveals the rest of the story of how disease begins by enabling you to more deeply peer inside microvascular networks.

This new device provides imaging solutions based on a patented measurement system of the endothelial glycocalyx layer. GlycoCheck facilitates the reliable, non-invasive selection and monitoring of patients with many conditions and diseases such as:

    The endothelial glycocalyx layer plays a crucial role in microvascular health and various clinical stages of the conditions and diseases listed above. Measuring the health of the endothelial glycocalyx can be a tool to monitor changes in the microvascular system and the impact of current treatment protocols.

    GlycoCheck quantifies capillary density, capillary blood volume, blood flow and red cell velocity, and endothelial glycocalyx function with non-invasive technology. GlycoCheck creates a single overall health score that quantifies the differences between a healthy and unhealthy circulatory system due to deterioration of the endothelial glycocalyx.

    All raw data can be exported, including videos, for further detailed analysis.

    GlycoCheck is an all-in-one digital video microscope camera, dedicated computer system, and patented glycocalyx measurement software system that calculates a MicroVascular Health Score™.


    What does that mean for you?

    • You will be able to monitor changes in microcirculation and the endothelial glycocalyx.
    • You can perform the measurements non-invasively, with results available within minutes.
    • GlycoCheck can be a unique tool for patient monitoring in addition to current protocols such as mean arterial blood pressure, O2 saturation, urine production, and central venous pressure.
    Now researchers can study how deterioration of the glycocalyx impacts health, and, how rejuvenating the glycocalyx can improve overall health. Use GlycoCheck to:
    • Establish a baseline MicroVascular Health Score (MVHS).
    • Align and track the MVHS with the deterioration of specific diseases or conditions.
    • Relate what’s happening in the body as a result of the breakdown of the glycocalyx and microvascular system with ongoing independent research projects.
    • Discover breakthroughs for disease treatment, prevention, and possible reversal.