GlycoCheck is the only automated, all-in-one system that includes patented software technology, integrated with a dedicated computer, digital video microscope camera, and calculation of a MicroVascular Health Score™.

The video microscope camera is placed under the tongue, showing live movement of red blood cells as they travel through microvessels.

Higher scores indicate a healthier microvascular system. When the transparent glycocalyx lining in the microvascular system is healthy, so are the blood vessels, which are essential for good health and vitality.


GlycoCheck Technology Background


A clinical video microscope detects the erythrocytes within the small, sublingual blood vessels. Then, the GlycoCheck software records, detects and analyzes the blood vessels ranging from 5 to 25 micrometers in diameter.

The automatic analysis consists of the detection of the center lumen of every blood vessel and detection of the outer boundaries of the erythrocytes. The distance between the red blood cell column and this outer boundary is identified as the perfused boundary region (PBR). The PBR value is calculated on 3,000 individual positions, which makes the measurement results sensitive, yet very reproducible. A higher PBR value corresponds with a proportional decrease in the thickness of the glycocalyx layer.

There are 3,000 vascular segments per test. These segments process 3,000,000 capillary markers tracking the movement of the red blood cells and how they interact with the endothelial glycocalyx.

Results are delivered within minutes after the test is completed, and a microvascular health report is created.