zVision and Company Story

Vision and Company Story



We are exposing the critical role of the endothelial glycocalyx in the health of the microvascular system. This will improve the health and longevity of people worldwide.

Microvascular Health Solutions will drive a preventative approach that researchers and healthcare practitioners can take as they understand how early warning signs and conditions lead to serious diseases and runaway health care costs.

We are collaborating with leading research hospitals and institutions worldwide, confirming the central role of the glycocalyx in multiple conditions and diseases.



We have developed, and are now refining patented imaging and software technologies, that have led to breakthrough discoveries and will lead to more in the future. The imaging technology employs a microscope video camera system, using proprietary algorithms, that calculates the MicroVascular Health ScoreTM for individuals.

From this research, we have developed a patent-pending formula that has been clinically shown that it’s not too late to restore, rejuvenate and protect the glycocalyx and microvascular system


A 5,000-Mile Story

Co-founder and CEO of Microvascular Health Solutions, Robert “Bob” Long is a successful businessman with over 30 years of experience in sales and management. The journey that lead Bob to establish MVHS began in an unpleasant way—with a health scare. The stresses of a life constantly on the road and the pressure to always perform at his job as a top sales executive led him to pause when he noticed a reoccurring pain in his chest. After a series of invasive tests, he faced a future of endless pills and potential procedures. This wasn’t a prospect he looked forward to, so he began researching preventative health practices and nutritional supplements.

Reflecting on that time today, he says, “I know the body is a miraculous thing and it has the potential to heal itself when given the right supportive nutrients.” Bob began researching all of the related scientific literature he could find. He found two cultures, Japan and the Mediterranean, where heart disease is historically at rates far lower than the world average. By chance, a good friend’s brother who was a physician, told him about the glycocalyx—the recently discovered gel-like lining of every artery, vein, and capillary. A light bulb flashed in Bob’s mind, and he knew he was on the right track.

He reasoned that the Japanese have a very low rate of heart disease, so they probably tend to have a healthier glycocalyx. And perhaps there’s something in their diet that accounts for it. He found that a particular seaweed, popular as a delicacy in Japan, contains almost the same biochemical composition as the human glycocalyx. He considered, that perhaps eating seaweeds of this kind could provide precisely the building blocks that would help support and sustain the health of that nearly invisible, yet very important, lining. Following the same logic, he examined the Mediterranean diet and found that olives, grapes, and artichokes provide super-antioxidants that could further support glycocalyx health.

Bob knew that he would not be able to consume enough of these foods on a regular basis to repair the damage that he had already suffered. So, he turned to the concept of extracting the nutrients from these foods. But he had no idea how to do that, so he hired a biochemist, a nutritionist, and a team to help figure it out. He and his new team combined extracts from seaweed and the other ingredients, which resulted in a truly innovative nutritional formulation, and he began taking it. Early results were favorable, and Bob hoped that he’d discovered something that could positively impact the lives of millions. But he had no way of proving it.

His research led him to Dr. Hans Vink, PhD.

A biomedical researcher and a pioneer in the study of the glycocalyx who focused his expertise on medical imaging, Dr. Vink was one of the first researchers to focus on and recognize the significance of the glycocalyx. He also developed the technology that proved its existence, a system known today as GlycoCheck. This revolutionary imaging software/hardware systemincluded a small video microscope placed under the tongue to measure a key aspect of the overall health of the glycocalyx. Dr. Vink’s research showed Bob that testing under the tongue provided a representation of the entire body’s glycocalyx health and its impact on microvascular health. When Bob learned of the breakthrough, he immediately traveled the 5,000 miles to visit Dr. Vink in the Netherlands.

Bob shared his medical history with the researcher and asked to be tested with Dr. Vink’sGlycoCheck. Dr. Vink agreed and told Bob not to be surprised by the results if they were bad. When he saw the results, Dr. Vink thought the GlycoCheck had made a mistake and was compelled to retest. A second test confirmed what Dr. Vink thought was impossible. How could Bob, at his age and with his recent health issues, have the score of a healthy 18-year old? His score was even better than that of Dr. Vink himself, in which he took great pride. That’s when Bob revealed his secret: a simple, effective nutritional supplement, focused on glycocalyx health.

Soon after, Bob and Dr. Vink teamed up to bring their findings to a conference of leading doctors. They challenged the doctors to try the supplement, and the group of over 225 physicians saw an improvement, on average, in their scores in just the two-day span of the conference! They knew they had a remarkable opportunity to significantly impact the lives of millions of people.

They set out improving the formula and the process by which the glycocalyx is measured. Dr. Vink designed new, proprietary algorithms to gain greater insight into what the video microscope sees and developed software that combines five separate measurements into a single score for assessing overall vascular health. Today this measurement is called the MicroVascular Health Score.

With existing partners in the medical community and a measuring device and supplement product whose benefits could be scientifically demonstrated, Bob Long and Dr. Hans Vink co-founded and launched their company. Bob runs the business side as President and CEO, while Dr. Vink remains focused on research and development as the Chief Science Officer.

In the nutritional supplements industry, Microvascular Health Solutions stands alonedue to its meticulously crafted formulation and the measurement capabilities of the revolutionary GlycoCheck technology. The company also enjoys growing, enthusiastic support from the medical community, and is partnering with world-class medical schools and institutions on further research. The GlycoChecktechnology is involved in over 50 ongoing clinical studies, world-wide.