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The glycocalyx layer is a natural gel like structure that forms a protective layer inside blood vessels, preventing molecular structures from sticking to the wall.


The GlycoCheck software uses a patented technology to follow erythrocytes within the small sublingual blood vessels, ranging from 5 to 25 micrometers in diameter.


GlycoCheck solutions are designed to be used by healthcare professionals for the fast, reliable and non-invasive monitoring of cardiovascular patients. GlycoCheck solutions are based on specific applications for intensive care, cardiology and general practice. Currently MicroVision Medical MicroScan and KK Technology CapisCope video microscope cameras are fully integrated in the GlycoCheck software.  




Technology background

Using a specific video microscope which detects the erythrocytes within the small sublingual blood vessels, the GlycoCheck software records, detects and analyses the blood vessels ranging from 5 to 25 micrometers in diameter.


The automatic analysis consists of the detection of the center lumen of every blood vessel and detection of the outer boundaries of the erythrocytes. We have identified the distance between the red blood cell column and this outer boundary as the perfused boundary region (PBR).


The PBR value is calculated on 3000 individual positions which makes the measurement results sensitive yet very reproducible. An increasing PBR corresponds with a proportional decrease in Glycocalyx layer.