Management team GlycoCheck BV


Hans Vink, PhD, FESC. In 1994 Hans Vink has completed his PhD at the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands on the subject of Glycocalyx. From 1995 onwards Hans Vink developed a research program on the endothelial glycocalyx ( In 2006 he was awarded an Established Investigatorship by the Netherlands Heart Foundation, is Principal Investigator at the Cardiovascular Research Institute of Maastricht and was appointed professor of Circulatory Physics at the University in Amsterdam in 2008. His research on the endothelial glycocalyx is supported by program grants from the Center for Translational Molecular Medicine, The Netherlands Heart Foundation, The Dutch Diabetes Research Foundation and the Netherlands Kidney Foundation. He has published more than 40 scientific publications and supervised 9 PhDs (Hirsh factor 20). Hans is founder of GlycoCheck BV and holds the position of Chief Scientific Officer.